Feb. 16th, 2012

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Hello again!

I really should upload a userpic soon. That will come eventually. I was thinking of actually making it my art. I do mainly traditional art (I never had a drawing tablet or anything) and my art takes me a very long time to do, I mean my sketches of Rose took me weeks to complete! But that's because I wasn't drawing every day, back before I made my resolution to draw every day. By the way, anybody on this site who subscribes to my blog I will subscribe and will allow access back! C: But this journal is probably boring because all I talk about is my story. That's OK though, I did create it specifically to record my progress and...possibly get critique for my art and characters.

I decided that alongside drawing and writing every day I'm also going to take walks every evening after dinner because it's supposed to stimulate brain activity and I did notice that when I walk and listen to music I tend to think a lot more fervently. The area that I live in is actually quite nice and quaint. I spent a while sitting on this one wall staring at this pretty view that's by my house. It's very hilly in my area. But yeah, so taking a walk has been included in my daily schedule. C: 

Did some writing yesterday for a chapter for Vika's first day at her new school, but it's terrible for a first draft. It had a fairly strong beginning but then there was a noticeable decline in quality, but that's OK, because I'll keep trying and rewrite it again and again until it's of satisfactory quality. Personally it was a chapter I was really excited about writing because it introduces a few characters and I enjoy writing school scenes. 

Anyway, my dad helped me out a little with figuring stuff out for the school, Saint Féichín's! The origin of the school's name comes from the 7th century Irish saint who is venerated in Catholicism, thus it's a parochial school. Féichín is a name that means "little raven" so I figured out the school mascot (the raven) and the school colours (teal and black so the uniforms are teal and black). Also, I plan for the school to look like a decrepit one-story gothic revival building with lots of windows and the perimeter surrounded by a wrought-iron fence and it has a small chapel across the parking lot. The interior has black-and-white tiled floors and teal walls with dark green lockers and the classrooms have Victorian-style desks and old chalkboards. It also has a small schoolhouse in the back. It's haunted by faeries and ghosts. The school uniforms are slightly customisable but a lot of the students wear things that are against the school rules like black jeans instead of trousers or short skirts and heels. But hey, if you can outrun the teachers then good for you.

So, I have to go to bed because it's 7AM currently and I need to go see my psychiatrist at 1, but I have slight insomnia so it's difficult for me to fall asleep right away. I shall go do that! I'll write again soon. I can't wait for this weekend to start painting!!


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