May. 9th, 2012

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Also dyed my hair again. Now it's restored to its dark purple glory. The fading process is rather strange when it comes to colour; first it's purple, then indigo, then blue, then this sea green. I was thinking of dyeing it white at some point, but I love purple too much for me to even strongly consider it. But it'd be cool to have white hair at some point, like frosty white.

Anyway, I've been having some trouble with a so-called "friend" of mine recently. They admitted that they liked me (this is a different person than the one I was talking about a few entries back), and ever since then they won't keep their hands off of me. I told them that I have someone, which is true, but they were relentless. Here's what happened: I was hanging out with this "friend" (who I will call "F") in their room and F admitted to me that they wanted to kiss me, before actually kissing me and touching me inappropriately. This made me very uncomfortable and I asked them to drive me home. Well then a few days later, I went to what I thought was just a small social gathering (turned out to be a party...blegh) and F was there, and they would not keep their hands off of me. And I mean, touching my butt, rubbing up against my legs, pressing themselves against me. I kept telling F to stop but they didn't. So I went home, and just eugh. I'm just not going to talk to F anymore, even if they persist in trying to contact me.

I'm lucky it didn't get any worse than that, honestly.

So I've been banned from going to parties, which I don't mind because I don't like parties anyway. Unless of course it's with a certain someone whose online chat handle's initials are "AR" and it's at their house with a few other people I like. We usually have a lot of fun playing video games in the dark and being stupid in general. I remember AR's birthday party their dad made us food and got cake and their mom showed us pictures of when AR was a babby. I could go for some cake right now. But yeah that was a fun evening, and everybody who was there were people I liked, especially AR, who by the way, is the special someone I mentioned earlier in this entry. I even showed F a picture of AR as a way to get them to stop crawling all over me, being like, "YES this is them." Didn't work. So I'm just not going to hang out with F or anybody anymore unless I completely trust them. AR and their friends for example, also my band members and my best friend. Not too many people, but I don't mind.

I went to see my psychiatrist the other day and I forgot his co-pay....oops! I still hear music occasionally but that's all I experience nowadays and I don't mind it. No more rainbow monsters, no more voices telling me to kill myself, etc. I've been doing pretty well lately, I think. My psychiatrist wanted to change my medication but I asked him to let my stay on this medication, the one I'm currently on, and he complied. Also, we were talking about me going to a support group.

It's decided that I'm going to the local community college with my best friend and AR by the way, yay!!!

OK so MDC, I have to rewrite the second chapter! I finished the first draft but I'm gonna rewrite it until I am satisfied with it. Yeah...that's basically it. I have to work on it more, I've been too focused on other things to really be able to work on it.

OK I'll write more again in a few days, see you.


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