Jun. 30th, 2012

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 Oh dear oh dear oh dear. 

I haven't written in a month! I want to say it's because I've been busy, but truthfully that is not the case. Instead I've been going through periods where I've been uninspired and depressed. Recently I've been depressed too but my dad made me feel better about it, made me look at it from a more logical, realistic perspective. It fueled my inspiration again and here I am, hopeful and rational! I suppose the personality test from the previous entry was right, I do after all, listen to my heart more rather than my head. My responses to things seem to be more emotional rather than logical. Not too thrilled about that, I'll admit. 

I've migrated from my desk to my bed with my sketchbook and sippy cup (I have a blue cup with a twist top and a straw that I call my sippy cup since I only drink from it). It's filled with delicious, delicious ginger ale. Perfect thirst quencher. My cat is curled up on the bed next to me. She loves my room, rumour has it is because she sees me as a sort of parental figure. She is extremely attached to me. But that's OK because I am extremely attached to her. 

I'm thrilled that Rasputina, this cello band that I like, did a cover of Pink Floyd's "Wish You Were Here." It's not a bad cover in my opinion. But Rasputina is a band that inspires me. Bands in general that are considered "goth" are bands that inspire me, maybe because the story I'm writing, MDC, is rather gothic, in a whimsical, dreamy sort of way. The band Killswitch Engage inspires me a lot too, as well as embarrassingly enough WWE music. I myself am pretty goth I'd say, I mean I wear natty black clothes with Doc Marten boots and whatnot. Plus I like music that is general considered part of the alternative subculture, but I like other kinds of music as well. Pink Floyd, metal, punk rock, indie rock, trance, classical, I tend to like most genres of music. I'm not a huge fan of pop or hip hop, however, but I do like a couple of hip hop songs. I've always been more about the alternative culture rather than pop culture. In fact, I'm so ignorant of popular culture and music that... well, I didn't even know who Ke$ha and Snooki were until fairly recently! I'm really not trying to be like "Oh look how cool I am I'm so special and unique" it's just that I have my own tastes in things, just like everybody does. There's nothing innately wrong with liking or disliking or being knowledgeable or ignorant in certain things, having your own personal taste in stuff is perfectly OK. You don't have to necessarily agree with another person's likes, I mean I have a friend who really likes pop music like Katy Perry and Lady Gaga, even though personally I'm not a huge fan of them. But he likes classical a lot too, so at least there's that. 

Anyway, today I'm gonna talk about paranormal studies, a field I'm heavily interested in. Mostly it involves me watching ghost television shows and videos that show EVPs as well as videos and photos of apparitions. I'm not a big believer in orbs, though, because those could easily be bugs or dust or something else. I'm usually pretty sceptical with orbs. But when it comes to ectoplasm, black mass or shadow people, I tend to be more willing to believe those. Personally myself I've only ever been ghost hunting once, but I did see and hear a plethora of things in my life! Phantoms, shadow men, I've heard things being moved and people walking around when there was nobody there... I can write a book on my ghostly experiences. Fortunately enough, none of my experiences have ever been daemonic... I'm scared to the core of daemons, they're capable of doing a lot of really harmful things and can torment you for years. 

There was this one story I heard, which came from a book entitled "The Dark Sacrament." I've never read the book and am probably forbidden from doing so, but the one story I heard about was pretty freaky. From what little I remember, there was a family that was haunted by this hooded figure, who wouldn't go away even as the lights were turned on, so they all slept in the same bedroom with the door locked. The next morning, the small son of the family was found at the bottom of the stairs, and when they found him they discovered the hooded figure was gone, and the little boy said, "Michael threw the bad man into the fire." I'd like to believe that story is true, and what more, angels are totally badass. 

So, anyways, there's this one EVP recording that really scared me. Hold on lemme dig it up. CAUTION: IT'S REALLY SCARY SO DON'T WATCH IF YOU'RE EASILY FRIGHTENED: 

Even if you don't believe in ghosts or spirits, you can't deny that these are interesting videos. While a lot of so-called "evidence" out there can be explained, some of it can't. I take all evidence with a grain of salt, but I still find it really interesting. Honestly, the only reason why I myself believe in ghosts and other spirits is because I've had so many experiences with them, ever since I was a child. 

So I came up with some stuff for the setting of MDC. First off, Soundscarp is on a relatively small island called Saltsong, and the town it belongs to is called Bailly Bah, which is Gaelic for "town of the bay." I figured some Northern Irish people settled there. Also the school, Saint Féichín's, used to be an insane asylum before it was turned into a school, because people would send the crazies over to isolated islands. But now the island of Saltsong belongs to wealthy or well-to-do people, tucked away safe in their stately, beautiful homes. The island of Saltsong is comprised of all kinds of very pretty homes, but they're mostly Victorian. I imagine the towns were founded in the 19th century, and most of the homes that were built back then are still standing on the streets. Of course there are also a lot of modern buildings, like the abandoned warehouses and factories and the semi-abandoned power plant, as well as the mental institution on the south shore of the island that one of the characters is occasionally dragged to... the character in question you will find out eventually. I want to slowly reveal the personalities and traits of my characters. 

Speaking of which, the character sheet for Rose is coming along very slowly. I'm halfway done with the inking of the two full body drawings on the model sheet. I just lacked the motivation to complete it for a while, but I'll finish it soon and scan it, I promise! Here's how I plan to do all the character sheets--there will be two of them each. On one is going to portray their supernatural forms, along with details such as their eyes and whatnot. Then the second sheet will be of their human forms, with four facial expressions, a full body picture of them in their school uniform, and another full body picture of them in their casual-wear. I came up with a lot of outfits for each character too, it's hard to keep track of them all! 

By the way, this is how I imagine Saint Féichín's to look like: 

OK, that's all I'll write for now! I think next time I'll talk about the Parisian Catacombs or something... See ya


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