May. 12th, 2014

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So I realise that I haven't written in over a year! I am so so so so so so sorry about neglecting this blog. I truly am. Things have been pretty hectic and a lot has happened over the past year and a half. But I also haven't been updating due to laziness. =/ I'll take you back to right after I last updated…

Around the autumn of 2012 I rekindled a romantic relationship with someone I will call "J" (not the J I talked about in a previous entry — and by the way, our band broke up). A lot of drama happened with that… Basically, it proved to be a huge mistake, as they were in love with three other people, and I was in love with someone else myself. I still am in love with that person, but I was really hurt due to J, because I wanted to focus on just them and put my feelings for the other person on the backburner, even though J was always thinking about the other people. And then they accused of me leaving them for the person I'm in love with, even though I didn't and they left me multiple times for someone else. I made a point not to talk about the other person in front of J (for the most part), but they talked about the other people they had feelings for excessively to me. So, all in all, my love life has been mostly terrible. But I'm never taking J back again, though I wish we could be friends still since we've been friends for a long time. Regardless, this spanned for about… 9 months? Until I finally gave up. I don't need that crap in my life.

I saw The Birthday Massacre three times since my last entry. It was awesome!!! They remembered me every time!!!

My beloved cat, who I adored so so much, died of feline leukemia in late November 2012. Then my grandpa, the Russian Orthodox priest, also succumbed to his cancer in January 2013, right after Old-Calendar Christmas (which is 7 January). He was diagnosed with lymphoma a year before, but it turned into also leukemia, which is what he died from. It was so very, very sad, and it affected a lot of people in the Russian Orthodox community. Right around that period J broke up with me for the first time. But yeah, I used to have philosophical conversations with my grandpa, and he took such good care of me. He was very funny and very smart and a great father figure to a lot of people. He was also a total badass, supposedly he'd performed exorcisms before and succeeded. In fact, my godmother — who is my mom's younger sister — told me that demons used to torment her, but he did a moleben and they went away. That's it! I miss him terribly; we all do.

The succeeding months were largely uneventful aside from the whole drama with J. On a lighter note, I've been getting a lot of ideas for MDC; in fact, I completely changed it around in some ways. I've decided to have Kyrill, who is Vika's main love interest, as the other main protagonist of the story, and have the books be half his art diary too. So one chapter is Vika, the next chapter is Kyrill, the next chapter is Vika, etc.. You get what I mean. It largely focuses on their battle with a demonic entity known as the Ash Lady (who kind of looks like Slenderman but is in fact female Satan), but it also mainly focuses on the relationship between Vika and Kyrill. So it's a love story as well as a fantasy story. I should probably update my user info…

Anyway, the island of Saltsong (where the story takes place) is up by Maine, off the coast of a (fictional) industrial city called Castle Rock (anybody get the reference? C:), which you can see from Full Moon Beach. By the way, the village where Vika and Kyrill and some other characters live in isn't called Soundscarp anymore. It's called Full Moon Bay. And Saint Féchín's Academy was built in White Crossings, a town north of Full Moon Bay. It's a huge, gothic castle with emerald-green floral Victorian wallpaper and Victorian sconces and its school colours are now black and emerald. Its mascot is still the raven. The uniforms are:

White oxford shirts or white polos for boys
Black pants or black knee-length shorts for boys (but girls can wear the pants too)
A black blazer with the school crest for both boys and girls
A black or green tie for both boys and girls
White blouses with oxford collars for girls
Emerald-and-black plaid kilt skirts for girls

However, you can somewhat customise the uniform.

Truly, Saltsong is a beautiful, magical place.

So, besides that, I gave up on doing Rose's character sheet. I decided to work on Finn instead. He's not a new character, but he's new in the whole main MDC character roster. The character roster is as follows:

Finn McCormick — gold
Geist Zabat — silver
Rose Connelly — pink
James Hidalgo — red
Lain Tachibana — orange
Cedric Cellestino — yellow
Davey Ross — yellow

Dem Foy — lime-green
Lee Desai — green
Cassielle von Siebold — turquoise
Pax de Croft — blue
Vika Foy — indigo/blue-violet
Kyrill Voronov — violet
Morgana Lockheart — purple

I'll just post some basic information on Finn… (I'll post more details some other time.)

WARNING: Spoilers!

Finn McCormick: Golden Boy-Next-Door )

So? Tell me what you think!

Well, I shall go for now, but I'll try to update much more frequently from now on. See ya!! 


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