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This is my friend's webcomic, please check it out! It's pretty cool, it's a manga-styled comic about magical girls. I'm hoping my friend updates it more because I like where it's going and I want to see the other characters and their powers! Magical girl animu and mango always kind of appealed to me (I know it's very girly but I don't care) because I like the idea of superpowered females in awesome elaborate costumes fighting bad guys. My personal favourites have to be Sailor Moon and Madoka Magica. Maybe one day I'll do a Westernized magical girl comic and see how it goes from there. Obviously it'll succeed MDC which is my biggest project at the moment. 

I actually wrote a magical girl "manga" story of my own back during my Fictionpress days and it actually garnered a fan following--I even looked on the site's forums and people were recommending it to each other! I might rewrite it again one day as the aforementioned "magical girl" project and see where it takes off. I also have a fan side project that I work on from time to time whenever I need a break from MDC--which isn't often by the way, but it happens. 

Anyway, I changed Saint Féichín's structure from one floor to three floors, only because it'd make more sense that way! To be quite honest, Saint Féichín's is like my ideal high school, in case it wasn't obvious before. I like the idea of a haunted Catholic school with the raven as the mascot. Also I like the idea of customisable school uniforms (of course it doesn't reach the point of ridiculousness like say Gossip Girl or something) but you can wear jeans and short skirts (if you can outrun the Brothers and Sisters).

So I finally started writing the actual story (sans the illustrations/comics) and it's received generally positive reviews so far. Of course since it's going to be a heavily illustrated story I haven't even begun working on the actual drawings yet. But I will when my art skills are good enough for it (which at this rate will be never). 

Speaking of drawings, I'm still trying to paint the Rose drawing that I did, but I keep having to redo it. One of these days I might get it right and I can scan it and post it here! It's a lot of work honestly, but I'm up for the challenge. It's going to continue to be a lot of work until I'm finally complete with it. I dunno if I mentioned this before, but it's going to be a set of three books. Big huge books, but three books nonetheless. 

Anyway, I'm going to bed (can't sleep). I'll write some other time!


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