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I'm at my grandparents' haunted house in Queens and I'm the only one awake and it's three in the morning. Well now it's almost four but still. My sleep schedule has been really wonky lately. I'd go to bed at like ten to twelve and I'd wake up at around three or four and I'd stay awake until nine or ten AM. At least the ghost that inhabits this house is really shy and kind, though he's freaked me out with his apparitions before. I've seen him twice. I refer to him as "him" and "he" because I know for sure he's a male. He's a tall man who looks to be in his mid-thirties with short dark hair. I've seen him in grey. My mom's seen him too and our descriptions of him fit each other's. I've also seen him as in white, wispy spirit form where he peered at me from around a corner in the hallway upstairs. I thought it was my brother, can you believe it! That really freaked me out.

Someone once was like, "Well how do you know it wasn't all in your head since you see things that aren't there all the time?" Yeah well, I never said that this house was haunted by rainbow monsters, right? But that got me doubting too. But my best friend and my mother said that since I have the schizoaffective I'm more susceptible to things like spirits and ghosts. So I dunno. The ghost here is just this shy, benign, almost fatherly presence (to quote my dad) who doesn't do much but go up and down stairs and knock around on the walls in the summer and do things out of the corner of your eye. I see things out of the corner of my eye here all the time. Like I could be in the dining room, at the table, which is where I am right now, and I could see something in the living room to the left just standing at the doorway in peripheral view and then I'd turn and it'd be gone.

Anyway, since this house is one of the places I grew up in, I'm more or less used to it by now and plus this is the reason why I believe in ghosts, is because I grew up in a haunted house! I always knew this house had something to it, even before I was even fully aware that there was a ghost here. Maybe I'm slightly clairvoyant? It's a thought.

I'm listening to the deadmau5 Meowingtons Hax 2k11 tour, and I love every song that's played so far. I'm practically so in love with deadmau5 it's not even funny. I even draw him. I wanna go see one of his shows someday, but in my present condition I don't think I'd be allowed to do that. I seem to have a thing for crazy, skinny, troll musicians....... Here's the video (note: It's over an hour long so don't listen to it if you don't have time!):

I have a lot to talk about today, in case you haven't noticed by now! Today's topic, other than the ghost here, is going to be about the Titanoboa cerrejonensis. I guess you can chalk in paleozoology as another interest of mine? I'll go update my interest lists here gimme a second....

OK now that that's done with, lemme talk about the Titanoboa! It's the world's largest snake that lived on this planet about 58 to 60 million years ago (the Paleocene Epoch). It's the biggest snake ever discovered, even surpassing the Gigantophis in size. It's maximum length was probably 12 to 15 m and weighed 1,135 kg. And the thickest part of its body was about 1 m. It can't even fit through a doorway!

Here's some pictures of the Titanoboa:

Can you believe how huge this snake was!! I'm so glad snakes aren't that big anymore... I mean to support a body that large you're going to have to eat a lot, so I guess the best alternative for it was to evolve. But it's certainly interesting to think and talk about.

The fossils were found in the coal mines of Cerrejón, in La Guajira, Colombia, which is apparently rich with fossil deposits. The climate back then when the Titanoboa lived must've been much warmer than we previously thought, averaging approximately at 30℃? Also, apparently it snacked on ancient crocodiles. I'm already afraid of crocodiles, I don't need something even bigger!

There's going to be a show on the Smithsonian Channel about the Titanoboa that airs on 1 April, so I hope to see it.


Here's an article for it. Go check it out! It's pretty interesting.

Anyway, I want to correct a mistake I made in a previous entry. I don't take 120mg of Geodon, I take 160mg. I can do maths pretty well in case you haven't noticed. :B

New icon!! It's actually of a painting that I did. The phone camera made it look crappy, but I did my best. Maybe one day I'll be able to scan it and it'll look better and I'll make a better icon out of it. It's only a small practise painting, and it's not that great, but it's still something! The colours of the actual painting are a lot more vibrant than what you see in the icon. I used a blue, indigo and purple mixture over a purple wash. Then I sprinkled salt over the wet paint and after that, I painted in little stars by making wet spots on the paper. Then I painted the tree.

OK so some MDC updates, I'm still in the beginning process of painting Rose's character sheet because I keep having to do it over, but I'll get it right someday! In the meantime, I'm working on all the character profiles for me to post up here along with the character sheets. I just got finished with Kyril's and am working on Morgana's. Then I'll be all done with the character profiles and that'll give me time to work on the character sheets. Hopefully within next month I'll post up Rose's character sheets and profile. I've got some ideas for how to paint it properly now that I have a book on watercolours. I was told that it's a challenging medium but that doesn't deter me from working with it.

OK, I'll write some more at a later date. See you!

EDIT: I forgot to mention that I have a really cool idea for another graphic novel that'll succeed MDC. It's about a computer game that has a virus and a band of teenagers in a boarding school have to stop it. I'll write more about it later!
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