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I like Sundays, especially rainy Sundays. They're something about them that's so effusively melancholy but calming, and refreshing. I was thinking of going to the library today to work on my story, but I think I'll stay home and work on my painting instead. It's a "stay at home" kind of day anyway, curling up with a good book and a hot mug of tea.

I had some pretty good days so far. At the end of the Easter weekend, I got sick with SOMETHING, I'm not sure what but I threw up and had a fever and body aches. But it must've been pretty mild, because when within two days it was gone even though I've had some queasiness here and there. I guess that was karma for something, right?

Anyway, the day after I got sick I packed up my Mac, went to the library in my favourite town in the world, and worked on my story there. C: Then the day after that I went to my old town on the South shore of the county and saw my old friend, who started the band with me, and we figured out the plot-line for our first concept albums. I won't tell you what it is just yet, but we figured out some pretty good ideas. It was all done by just walking and talking, too. We also figured out the first two songs we want to cover (Radiohead and Nora Jones). So all in all, I've been having some pretty good days so far.

Oh! I also forgot to mention that I checked out four philosophy books from the library. I've always been interested in philosophy but I just got around to reading them, admittedly............. But I'll be reading more, a lot more, to gain an understanding on how so many philosophers think. I've read part of one of the books so far, and already I disagree with some of it but I also understand where they're coming from. Yes people, Alex actually has opinions! (I'm only saying that because I know some people see me as like the "anti-opinions" person....Only some people though.) For example, Thales thought that the earth was flat and that all the lands were surrounded by nothing but water. Of course that's clearly wrong, but he also said that the mind of the world is God and that God is intermingled in all things, a view that would contemporaneously appear in Buddhism. Of course there are many other philosophers that I'm reading about, but he was the first and is only an example. It starts off with the Presocratics anyway.

So that's my "100 Essential Thinkers" books, and then I got two Plato books talking about Socrates, and then modern philosophers such from Descartes to Kant. I can't wait to have read all four of them.

Did you know that you can get a fine for smoking at Jamaica train station? I didn't know that! I was smoking on the tracks and this guy came up to me and said, "You know you can get a fine for smoking here?" and I was like, "Oh OK" but just wow! I didn't know that. I thought it was OK. I guess they changed it. Also, I guess I'm lucky I didn't get caught! Nobody said anything to me about it until that guy.

Oh well.

So, I'm going to resume my painting now after a three week hiatus. My drawings skills are probably all rusty now but I'm going to keep trying until I get it. Then I'll post it here along with the character profile and I'll see what people think of my character! I'd like critique on overall design, the character's well...character, and the drawing itself. I'd like to improve in all three areas.

OK well, I'll sign off for now. Sorry it took me so long to update! I'll try to update again in a few days.

See ya
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