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Sort of anyway, it rained this morning and then it just kind of stopped and I wish it would rain again. It's fairly warm out, but hey it's May! First day of May, I can't believe it. Recently things have been much better for me which I'm really happy about and I hope they gradually continue to improve. Because for the longest time things have been not good for me, admittedly. But I won't elaborate on that. It's just good that things have finally been improving for me.

And you'd say, "Oh, this never felt like home,"
And you said, "Oh, you never left me alone,"
And I said, "Oh, I would've started to drown,"
Oh oh oh oh,
This record broke on its own...

("Broken Record" © Scarling.)

So I'm almost finished with the second chapter of MDC! I tried working on it yesterday but I was too drowsy so that didn't really happen. Maybe I'll go to the library again today to work on it some more and finally finish it, and then walk around Sea Cliff (my favourite town in the world) and take some pictures. You know, make a day of it. I should probably take a nap or something first so I can be well rested for the day's fun. Then I can come back home and continue working on my painting.

Here's the low-down for Saint Féichín's school uniforms:

White or teal-green collared shirts/blouses
Black (and possible teal-green?) ties (school mascot on it optional)
Black blazers with school emblem on it
Black pants (for boys)
Teal-green plaid skirts (for girls)
Knee socks (for girls)

Obviously my characters are going to have customised their uniforms and did things like the girls wear tights and short skirts and heels and the boys wear belt buckles and sneakers or combat boots with pins in their ties or something. It differs with each character because I think it should reflect on their personality. For example, my character Rose, she wears a fake rose in her hair at school! I mean there's plenty of other things she wears for her school uniform but it's just an example.

I hope it doesn't seem like I'm only fixated on details such as school uniforms but they're fun to come up with and see how each character wears them. Like I said, it should reflect on their personality, and details are good!

I still have to finish reading all my library books.

Oh look the sun's coming out!

OK well here's also the low down with my painting:

Sketching: 5 out of 5 stars done
Painting: 2.65 out of 5 stars done
Profile: 5 out of 5 stars done though I might redo it

OK well, I'm gonna go back to working now, I have to do chores first and then I'll resume my works. I promise I'll write again within the week! D: I'm so sorry, I feel like I've been neglecting this blog. I won't do it anymore I promise.

OK see ya.
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