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 I haven't written in nearly two months! I'm terribly sorry for that, I'll admit it was because of laziness that I didn't update, but I'm gonna try to be better at that from now on. I've been going through all sorts of ups and downs lately, but my mother's psychic friend (who is right with her predictions like... 95% of the time) said that I'm going to be really happy soon, as well as getting some money. I have a feeling that will probably occur some time around my birthday, which is exactly a week from now. I'm intuitive myself,  I have to say, and I have good feelings about two very specific things, aside from my grandfather (who has lymphoma). The two good feelings revolve around A. my story, and B. my special person D that I've talked about in earlier entries. It's very weird, but it's like I know that things will go well concerning those two subjects. My mother told me to write down all my predictions in a notebook and write down if they turn out to be right. Like my mother's friend, my predictions usually turn out to be true, but my intuition isn't as good as hers yet, and I have a lot of off days. Recently I've been thinking that things will start getting better for everybody, in terms of money, relationships, what have you. Another thing that my mother and my best friend said is that because I'm schizoaffective, I'm clairvoyant, you know, more sensitive to things like spirits and all other strange anomalies. 

Speaking of which, I've been doing super well lately in terms of my disorder! I was diagnosed back in October, but from what I can remember and from what others remember, I've had symptoms since I
 was fourteen. I hid it well from other people for the most part, because it was just voices and shadow figures and mild vacillation between feeling high (manic, or what I call my "red days") and feeling low (depression, what I call my "blue days") all through my teen-age, but it didn't really start getting bad until February 2011, when I was 20. But then the following October I started seeing a psychiatrist and even though my first medication helped a little bit, it wasn't until Geodon that it vanished almost entirely. Man, I remember when I first started Geodon, I was so nauseous and out of it all the time! But it helped, and now I'm starting to lose all the weight I gained from my first medication. Occasionally nowadays, I still hear music (it's very strange faerie-like music, I'm not sure how to describe it), but it doesn't bother me, it's not like the three "friends" I used to see (I haven't seen those fuckers in a long time actually, they were outright evil and they make an appearance in MDC). Also, it's not like I have mood swings anymore either, I mean I've been feeling pretty up and down but it's not as extreme as the red and blue days. I know I caused my family a lot of trouble and heartbreak because of my disorder... but I'm willing to try a gluten-free diet because it's said to help with illnesses on the schizophrenia spectrum. Also, I'm trying to cut back on smoking dramatically, I want to get back down to only having two or three a day. I've been having minor health issues lately such as phlegm build up in my throat and I've been coughing a lot. Plus I don't want to get so winded every time I walk up a hill, because I want to start jogging again soon. 

Honestly, I don't care who knows about my disorder anymore. I used to want to keep it a secret, but I figure if there's anybody who's gonna become close to me, they might as well know, in case anything happens and I go through a relapse somehow. 

Anyway, today I'm going to talk about the Parisian catacombs, one of the creepiest places on Earth. Oh man, I can't even begin. The Parisian catacombs, or Catacombes de Paris, are an underground ossuary in Paris, France, and it holds the remains of 6 million people from when it was opened in the late 18th century. It became a tourist attraction in the early 19th century. Its official name is l'Ossuaire Municipal. Under Paris there are all kinds of spaces; canals, reservoirs, crypts, bank vaults, etc. but the most surprising thing of all is le carrières de Paris, which are the old limestone quarries. In the 19th century they were mined for building stone, and even grew mushrooms in the underground. During WWII, the French Resistance fighters hid in some quarries, and German soldiers built bunkers there in others. Nowadays, people who love and visit the Paris underground are called "cataphiles." 

Here are some pictures of the catacombs:

The one big thing that I'm especially interested in concerning the catacombs is the paranormal aspect. I've heard many rumours that the catacombs are haunted. There is this one famous video of a guy who is exploring the catacombs with a video camera, by himself. Initially he's walking at a normal pace, but he gradually starts walking faster and faster before he drops the camera and takes off, deeper into the tunnels. I can only imagine how frightened he was. The rational part of me thinks it's paranoia, but I mostly believe that something could've been chasing him. I mean, it's very possible that something was, a lot of things happen that even science can't explain (yet) but I wouldn't rule out any possibilities. Anyway, it's a very creepy video. 

Here is the Scariest Places on Earth episode about the catacombs, check it out! It even features the creepy video I just mentioned: 

Pretty creepy, huh? 

Anyway, I have some exciting news concerning MDC! My father and I formulated a plan on how to get my work out there. This is the plan:

1. Finish the illustrated rough drafts for the prologue and first chapter, and ink and colour them in (it won't be the final piece however)
2. Scan the pages and make a website for it and post the pages up on there
3. Spread the news through social media
4. Make business or post cards (I still have to come up with the design for that)
 and hand them out at this year's New York Comic Con, hoping to find a publisher who would be interested in my story.  

I've been working on the rough drafts since about a week ago, and I'm going to try to see if I can finish the prologue some time this week. Comic Con is about 7 weeks away, but I have full confidence that I'll finish everything by then. Regardless though, I still have a lot of work to do. 

Regarding the character sheets and profiles, I've been busy with the rough draft so I put the character sheet on a brief hiatus, but I will return to them shortly. 

Anyway, I'll write again soon! :)

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