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OK I haven't updated since the end of August, and it's the middle of November. Hoo boy. But some things happened!!! And I have stuff to tell you. I shall update more frequently now, since stuff is happening. It's gonna be awesome. I was feeling like shit just now about myself and my art, but my dad came into my room and made me feel better. I feel good now. Like all, "YEAH LET'S DO THIS IT'S GONNA BE AWESOME." I feel blessed to be surrounded by people who support me and believe in me! 

So I have yet to tell you about my most favourite band in the world, aside from Pink Floyd. I don't recall why I kept this band a secret, but I'm coming out with it now, so I guess it shouldn't matter. It's........................................... THE BIRTHDAY MASSACRE!!! They have been such a huge inspiration to me and they pulled me out of a bad spot and they were the ones who inspired MDC! This is how it went down, I was listening to Mindless Self Indulgence, and I heard that they were doing a tour with The Birthday Massacre so I decided to check them out. I think my brother also told me to give TBM a listen and so I did and as soon as I heard their song "Happy Birthday" a series of images flooded my mind and my first thought was: "This would make a really cool goth story." (My story is most definitely a goth story.) I'm talking about the beach at sunset (with the lights across the water from the faraway land), running down endless school halls, having tea with the faeries, going to playgrounds, fighting creatures like giant scarecrows and cruel queens, oh man I can go on and on about it. Also, what more, I'm going to go see The Birthday Massacre on 1 December!!!! YES!!!!! And you know what else??? I GOT BACKSTAGE PASSES SO I'M GOING TO THEIR MEET N GREET.

So here's a list of bands/songs who inspire me a lot:

The Birthday Massacre
Killswitch Engage
Some Scarling. songs
A few Rasputina songs
A few Breaking Benjamin songs
A few Drowning Pool songs
A few Three Days Grace songs
WWE music

And a lot of other songs

By the way, I'm 22 now. My birthday was on 2 September. 

So the business card thing didn't work out with Comic Con, but we're gonna try to still get a website up and print the cards before TBM. And we'll go to conventions that are in the states around us to give out the cards. Hopefully a publisher will express interest in my story soon!!
 My dad also said he wants to print out ashcan comics, which I think is also a good idea. Hope it goes well!! Also I need to get Photoshop. Lots to do lots to do lots to do. 

OK well, I should go to bed, sorry I didn't write much. I'll write again soon!! 
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