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So I realise that I haven't written in over a year! I am so so so so so so sorry about neglecting this blog. I truly am. Things have been pretty hectic and a lot has happened over the past year and a half. But I also haven't been updating due to laziness. =/ I'll take you back to right after I last updated…

Around the autumn of 2012 I rekindled a romantic relationship with someone I will call "J" (not the J I talked about in a previous entry — and by the way, our band broke up). A lot of drama happened with that… Basically, it proved to be a huge mistake, as they were in love with three other people, and I was in love with someone else myself. I still am in love with that person, but I was really hurt due to J, because I wanted to focus on just them and put my feelings for the other person on the backburner, even though J was always thinking about the other people. And then they accused of me leaving them for the person I'm in love with, even though I didn't and they left me multiple times for someone else. I made a point not to talk about the other person in front of J (for the most part), but they talked about the other people they had feelings for excessively to me. So, all in all, my love life has been mostly terrible. But I'm never taking J back again, though I wish we could be friends still since we've been friends for a long time. Regardless, this spanned for about… 9 months? Until I finally gave up. I don't need that crap in my life.

I saw The Birthday Massacre three times since my last entry. It was awesome!!! They remembered me every time!!!

My beloved cat, who I adored so so much, died of feline leukemia in late November 2012. Then my grandpa, the Russian Orthodox priest, also succumbed to his cancer in January 2013, right after Old-Calendar Christmas (which is 7 January). He was diagnosed with lymphoma a year before, but it turned into also leukemia, which is what he died from. It was so very, very sad, and it affected a lot of people in the Russian Orthodox community. Right around that period J broke up with me for the first time. But yeah, I used to have philosophical conversations with my grandpa, and he took such good care of me. He was very funny and very smart and a great father figure to a lot of people. He was also a total badass, supposedly he'd performed exorcisms before and succeeded. In fact, my godmother — who is my mom's younger sister — told me that demons used to torment her, but he did a moleben and they went away. That's it! I miss him terribly; we all do.

The succeeding months were largely uneventful aside from the whole drama with J. On a lighter note, I've been getting a lot of ideas for MDC; in fact, I completely changed it around in some ways. I've decided to have Kyrill, who is Vika's main love interest, as the other main protagonist of the story, and have the books be half his art diary too. So one chapter is Vika, the next chapter is Kyrill, the next chapter is Vika, etc.. You get what I mean. It largely focuses on their battle with a demonic entity known as the Ash Lady (who kind of looks like Slenderman but is in fact female Satan), but it also mainly focuses on the relationship between Vika and Kyrill. So it's a love story as well as a fantasy story. I should probably update my user info…

Anyway, the island of Saltsong (where the story takes place) is up by Maine, off the coast of a (fictional) industrial city called Castle Rock (anybody get the reference? C:), which you can see from Full Moon Beach. By the way, the village where Vika and Kyrill and some other characters live in isn't called Soundscarp anymore. It's called Full Moon Bay. And Saint Féchín's Academy was built in White Crossings, a town north of Full Moon Bay. It's a huge, gothic castle with emerald-green floral Victorian wallpaper and Victorian sconces and its school colours are now black and emerald. Its mascot is still the raven. The uniforms are:

White oxford shirts or white polos for boys
Black pants or black knee-length shorts for boys (but girls can wear the pants too)
A black blazer with the school crest for both boys and girls
A black or green tie for both boys and girls
White blouses with oxford collars for girls
Emerald-and-black plaid kilt skirts for girls

However, you can somewhat customise the uniform.

Truly, Saltsong is a beautiful, magical place.

So, besides that, I gave up on doing Rose's character sheet. I decided to work on Finn instead. He's not a new character, but he's new in the whole main MDC character roster. The character roster is as follows:

Finn McCormick — gold
Geist Zabat — silver
Rose Connelly — pink
James Hidalgo — red
Lain Tachibana — orange
Cedric Cellestino — yellow
Davey Ross — yellow

Dem Foy — lime-green
Lee Desai — green
Cassielle von Siebold — turquoise
Pax de Croft — blue
Vika Foy — indigo/blue-violet
Kyrill Voronov — violet
Morgana Lockheart — purple

I'll just post some basic information on Finn… (I'll post more details some other time.)

WARNING: Spoilers!

♥character name:: Master Finn Connor McCormick.
♥name meaning:: Finn means "fair", Connor means "hound-lover", McCormick means "son of Cormac".
♥also known as:: "Broseidon" (by his friends), "Brobi Wan Kenobi" (by his friends), "Mr Magnificent" (his magician name and what his crush Pax de Croft calls him), "Fish McCorsick" (what Vika Foy and Kyrill Voronov call him), "Ken" (what Dem Foy calls him, since he's like a Ken doll).
♥brief biography:: He was born to a Crafter (witch) family and started studying magic when he turned seven. He came from Cork, Ireland, raised on a farm, and was an obedient if not a somewhat mischievous child. However, his parents were killed by a Spider Witch when he was twelve, and members of their coven offered their homes to him, but he refused and ran away to America with the money his parents were saving up for him. He ended up on Saltsong and now lives in a boarding house in the hills of the village of Wild Rose, with his landlady Mrs Higgins as his official guardian. She is more like a grandmother to him than a landlady. He works many and various jobs to make ends meet, including being a magician.
♥line of work:: High school student, magician, lifeguard, assistant coach, works odd jobs too.
♥relationship status:: In a relationship with Robin Hood, Queen Bee of The Glitterati (most popular clique at Saint Féchín's Academy).
♥Dreamer type:: "Crafter" — the Dreaming World's term for witch. Finn in specific is an Illusionist, he can make anything look like something else and has the power to create illusions. He is a more powerful kind of Crafter, especially since he has good technique with his abilities. His eyes turn into a luminous gold whenever he's using his powers. He is particularly proficient in mental projection since he is an Illusionist. Due to being blessed with a long life that comes with being a Crafter, Finn will look the age he is now for a long time, especially since his rank is Elder, the third rank of the Crafter Code that signifies one as an adult. Crafters have four ranks, but achieving the highest rank — High Priest/Priestess — is considered rare. However, Finn is determined to make it to that rank, so he can be the leader of a coven, since most Crafters are Coven Crafters. That being said, Finn is a Solitary Crafter, which one becomes under certain circumstances. A Crafter is initiated into their coven at the age of seven, when their Class powers are awakened and when they must start studying their magic. Crafters aren't that common, and are believed to have a bit of faery blood in them. They celebrate eight holidays that mirror Wiccan holidays, and follow some Wiccan beliefs and values (for example, casting a curse on someone is a no-no) to adapt with the times.
♥Dreamer physical traits:: Finn's eyes turn a bright gold whenever he's using his magic. He has a tattoo of the Celtic Tree of Life on his back (Crafters are encouraged to get a tattoo when they're twelve; it's part of their culture) that changes with the seasons. For example, when it's the holiday season, his tattoo has Christmas lights.
♥Dreamer powers:: Illusions, the Sight, sensing if other people are Dreamers, potion-making, geokinesis, astral projection, mental projection, general magic, general offencive spells, general defencive magic, broom flight, creating objects out of thin air.
♥their own unique power:: Psychometry — the ability to read information off any object and determine its entire history.
♥attack:: 2.5/5.
♥speed:: 2.5/5.
♥special:: 4/5.
♥will:: 4/5.
♥Dreamer weaknesses:: Ashwood and iron sulphate.
♥gender:: Male (♂).
♥age:: 16.
♥sexuality:: Heterosexual.
♥class:: Gold Conjurer — Gold Conjurers are meant to open their minds in regards to other people. They must learn not to be so judgmental and accept people of all kinds. Their challenge is to realise that not everything is about image.
♥spirit animal:: Irish Setter dog.
♥element:: Earth.
♥plush familiar:: A plush "male" dog named Bailey. Like with all young Dreamers and their familiars (who are all stuffed animals), Bailey and Finn communicate telepathically. Bailey provides comfort for Finn and helps him with his powers.
♥weapon/trinkets:: His wand (which has an intricate vine pattern and has a blue sapphire at the tip), crystals, potions, cauldron, broom, Charm (all Crafters are required to wear a Charm around their neck), grimoire (he wears the grimoire's key around his neck with his charm), his ring (a family heirloom, it has a Celtic design and it glows in the dark), and candles.
♥fighting style:: Finn prefers to fight long-range, but he will only fight to defend himself or other people. However, that being said, he can be aggressive and let his temper get the best of him. He is a very skilled fighter mid-to-long range, but sometimes his reflexes aren't the greatest.
♥birthday:: 14 September.
♥star sign:: Virgo (Earth) (♍).
♥blood type:: B Negative.
♥ethnic heritage:: 1/2 Irish, 1/4 Scottish, 1/4 Australian.
♥originally from:: Blarney, Cork, Ireland.
♥lingual skills:: Fluent in English, knows some French.
♥year/grade:: Year 11 (Junior).
♥favourite subject:: Physical Education, Dance III, and AP English 11.
♥extracurriculars:: Is the star front of the boys' varsity soccer team and president of the student council.
♥GPA:: 3.74.
♥social circle:: Popular jock, leader of his clique called "Party of Five," which is comprised of him and his soccer teammate friends.
♥height:: Tall, 178cm/5'10" (goes up to being 183cm/6'0").
♥body shape/figure:: Athletic/Toned, with long, toned legs and a medium-large frame.
♥hair colour:: Dirty-blond with lighter blond streaks.
♥eye colour:: Dark, smokey hazel-green with gold dust in them.
♥skin colour:: Warm peach, normally tanned.
♥physical appearance:: Finn is considered to be fresh and handsome in an All-American kind of way. He has an athletic physique with broad shoulders, but his body isn't as muscularly defined. He has large, round but hooded eyes and fresh features set in a long-diamond facial shape.He always keeps himself clean-shaven. His hair is short, with some wave to it, and he has a side part in his bangs, with some layers on the side. His hair is soft and he keeps his skin in good condition despite sweating a lot (being in the soccer team and whatnot). He's a size 12 in shoes and has large, elfin ears that come with being a Crafter supposedly of faery blood. He is said to have a really handsome, confident smile that shows off his white, even teeth. His smile easily makes girls swoon, and he has an open, honest gaze. His hands are large and manly, with callouses. A lot of the girls in school desire him.
♥accessories & traits:: He has a tattoo of the Celtic Tree of Life on his back (that is magical as it changes with the seasons) and a leaf-shaped birthmark on his left forearm.
♥dominant hand:: Right.
♥personal fashion:: Finn dresses like a typical Saint Féchín's jock which is to say he dresses very preppy. He buys all of his clothes from stores like LL Bean (which is a popular brand in Saltsong given that it's in Maine). A typical casual outfit for him would be a rugby shirt, Duckhead chinos with a woven leather belt, topsiders, a field jacket, and a leather watch. But he has many different clothes and accessories, as long as it stays within the prep category. His school style is pretty much the same — white school polo shirts, the black school blazer, no tie, maybe a green argyle sweater, black school pants or shorts, some preppy patterned socks, and black pennyloafers that are a little too shiny. He sometimes wears a black newsboy cap with his school uniform. But he always includes his ring and Charm/key necklace with any outfit he wears.
♥voice & vernacular:: He has a smooth, fruity tenor voice that becomes a baritone and speaks in a mild Irish accent.
♥personality type:: ESTJ — "Determined Realist."
♥general personality:: Finn is generally a friendly person, but he has a dislike for anybody "gothy" or "weird" and harbours a deep distrust for faeries, especially fae creatures considered part of the Nothing (seeing as how his parents were killed by a Nothing creature). So he can be a bit judgmental. He is generally polite, but can be unneccesarily rude and quite pompous to anybody he considers weird in an attempt to prove that he's better than them. He is an extrovert and always looks to be with friends, but despite his popularity he feels like an outcast on the inside, due to being different than normal humans. That being said, he is a smooth talker and can charm his way out of any situation, not to mention he's an unrepentant flirt and a bit of a womaniser. But he never cheats on his girlfriends — he is very loyal and only sleeps around when he's single. He is perceptive and will change his opinion on someone if he watches them for a bit. People know where they stand with him as he is an honest, straightforward person. He never looks for conflict and will only fight back if the need is dire enough. Even so, he is irritable and quick to criticise anybody for anything. But in a nutshell he is a charismatic goof who loves joking around and showing off — the latter particularly involving his magic, which is considered to be a taboo in the Crafter Code. And he is always there for the people he cares about.
♥best qualities:: Perceptive, charismatic, courageous, loyal, friendly, honest, strong-willed.
♥worst traits:: Arrogant, rude, womaniser, judgmental, irritable, reckless, quick to criticise.
♥likes:: Soccer, dancing, parties, women, television comedy, films, optical illusions, boating, horseback riding, music, lifeguarding, psychology.
♥favourite music:: Electro, indie pop, indie rock, Eurodance, alternative rock, new wave: Arcade Fire, The Decemberists, Crystal Castles, Daft Punk, The Postal Service, and Circa Survive.
favourite hang-out spots:: His porch, his back porch, his room, his living room, Wild Rose trolley station, Wild Rose Park, White Crossings Beach, Spooky Park in Full Moon Bay, Owl's house (old rich hippie guy who throws parties for high schoolers), The Daily Grind (coffee shoppe), New Moon Bay Beach, the woods all around Saltsong in general… At school he likes to hang out at by Old Timey's (mom-and-pop general store) even though he doesn't smoke, the playing fields, Make-Out Hill, the woodshop, Pizzazz (pizza restaurant by Old Timey's), the student lounges, the centre of the school courtyard, the school café, the bleachers in the gymnasium/ballroom, and the woods by Lloyd's Preserve.
favourite hot drink:: Black coffee.
♥dislikes:: Goths/weirdos, rudeness, people who take things too seriously, needless bitchiness, when people are being illogical.
♥fear(s):: The fae, somewhat.
♥goals & hobbies:: His main goals are getting a scholarship, bringing an end to the Ash Lady's torment, and becoming Pax de Croft's boyfriend. His hobbies include playing soccer, going to parties, dancing, watching comedies and films, riding horses, boating in the summer, practising his magic, and hanging out with his friends.
♥good at:: Aside from his powers, Finn is good at soccer, dancing, and writing English essays. He is not very wordy in his writing, but he is articulate and knows how to get his point across.
♥vices:: He stays the hell away from cigarettes and drugs, but he likes alcohol and drinks with his friends every so often. He has a love for sex, but he only sleeps around if he is single.
♥psychological peculiarities:: He has mild PTSD from seeing his parents being brutally murdered right before his eyes, coupled with occasional bouts of depression which causes him to drink alone every once in a while. He is otherwise mentally healthy and isn't as bad as the other characters, so he only goes to therapy once in a while.
♥mannerisms/quirks:: Brushes his hair out of his eyes, scratches his head, smooths his hair down, whistles when he's cheerful, winks at people a lot (especially when flirting), waggles his eyebrows, rubs his hands together, and other such things.
♥personal vocabulary:: He says things like "What the H" in place of "What the hell?" and calls anything good or cool "A-1" or "crescent fresh." He calls jerks "abbreviated piece-of-nothing." He calls messing around not doing anything "jacking around." Instead of using the word badass he uses "BA." He curses pretty often, however, and his vocabulary isn't as great as he thinks it is, even if it is somewhat above-average.
♥personal items:: Mobile phone, keys, wallet, hand sanitiser (unscented), golden orb, spearmint Tic Tacs, small framed family photo, hair comb, iPod & golden earphones, small agate, and Burberry cologne.
♥preferred diet:: Sour cream and onion potato chips and pumpkin ale.
♥religion/spirituality:: He is more spiritual than religious, since he doesn't really believe in any deity.
♥dream:: To become a professional soccer player.
♥family:: Aine McCormick (biological mother) (deceased).
Lochlan McCormick (biological father) (deceased).
Finn had a good relationship with his parents. They were fairly strict, but loving. He misses them terribly. He is an only child.
♥friends:: Allan Murphy (best friend).
Thomas Ackerman.
William Black.
Mitchell Collins.
The above four mentioned are the members of Finn's clique the Party of Five, with Allan being Finn's best friend. Allan and Finn met on a school bus in the eighth grade, with Allan giving Finn half his sandwich because Finn forgot his lunch. They've been best friends ever since.
♥enemies/rivals:: James Hidalgo (one-sided love rival).
Finn is jealous of James for capturing Pax's heart, but James is as oblivious to Finn's jealousy as he is to Pax's feelings for him. James kind of avoids Finn due to Finn's constant insults directed towards him, but sometimes he comes up with a witty retort.
♥love interests:: Robin Hood (girlfriend).
Pax de Croft (crush).
Finn is in a relationship with Robin, who is the Queen Bee of Saint Féchín's Academy. However, Finn is developing feelings for Pax. Finn used to really like Robin, but the relationship started to wane after she became a total bitch. He has a crush on Pax, even though she dislikes him.
♥theme songs:: "Act Appalled" by Circa Survive.
"Water's Edge" by 1997.
"A Kind of Magic" by Sleepthief.

So? Tell me what you think!

Well, I shall go for now, but I'll try to update much more frequently from now on. See ya!! 


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