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May. 29th, 2014 11:48 am
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… I think I officially have a soda addiction.

You know those "book by you" sites where you could be the hero of your own romance story and whatnot? Well… I got one. It's called "Sea Spell" and I made it about Vika and Kyrill. I love it! It gave me so many ideas, and the characters in the book are almost exactly how Vika and Kyrill would act. Plus the book itself is better than I thought it was going to be. I definitely recommend getting one of those books — you won't be disappointed! I personally stayed away from the vampire one, though (I think it's called First Bite), I'm not big into vampires; I think they're grotesquely overrated (not to sound like a pretentious blowhard hahaha).

Other than that, I'm really getting into this one band Counterparts. At first I thought they were generic metalcore what with the constant screaming, but now I think they're really good! I just got into them, but I already love almost every song I heard by them. Also, Coheed and Cambria is really good too. My favourite album by Coheed and Cambria is "Year of the Black Rainbow" and my favourite songs by Counterparts are "Cursed", "Decay", "Wither", "Compass", and "Debris."

Anyway, so I've been doing a lot of writing lately, as well as well as planning out the art for the story of MDC. I actually want to get the story up soon, as a webcomic! :D I have all the materials for it, I just need to draw draw draw…

So next up on the character roster: Rose!

(WARNING: spoilers and all that)

♥character name:: Miss Róisin "Rose" Moira Connelly (pronounced "Ro-SHEEN") (her birth name was Princess Róisin).
♥name meaning:: Róisin means "little rose", Moira could possibly mean "wished-for child", and Connelly could possibly mean "fierce as a wolf."
♥also known as:: "Rose Red" (her childhood name), "Rosebud" (kind of a play on her name and called that by her boyfriend Ethan), "Disney Princess" (called that by her school rival Pax de Croft), "Princess Peach" (called that by Vika Foy, because she's blond and wears pink a lot), "Tinkerbitch" (called that by Dem Foy and Kyrill Voronov).
♥brief biography:: She was born in these sacred springs as a princess, in Northern Ireland. She was raised by two mothers, and had an identical twin sister. As the crown princess of the sacred river, she had to compete against her twin sister, and what started as a friendly rivarly quickly turned into something serious. And despite heterosexual love being forbidden… Rose met a boy. A human boy. They fell in love over time, but Rose's twin sister became extremely jealous, kidnapped him, and had manipulated their parents into banishing Rose from the kingdom. She is now entirely human, in search of her Golden Key (her faery form), and in search of her boyfriend Ethan. She now lives in a large Victorian house in Full Moon Bay with her adoptive parents and her Shih-Tzu dog Mops.
♥line of work:: High school student, waitress at Alice's Tea Cup (a café).
♥relationship status:: "It's complicated…"
♥Dreamer type:: "Melusine" — a species of female-only river faery. The Melusine are mermaid-like fae that have serpentine tails; they dwell in sacred freshwater springs and rivers. They are Seelie faeries, fairly common and have a long life. They are a female-only species and reproduce homosexually. In their general culture falling in love with a man is looked down upon and even forbidden in some kingdoms, but a few other kingdoms accept it, even though being heterosexual is very rare. Melusine are known for being beautiful and waifish, but they have snake-like, hissy voices and horrific serpent's tails. Because of this, a common wish among them is to be fully human (in place of glamouring themselves), so every seven years on the week of their birthday they appear on the surface of their spring or river with their Golden Key, which is their Melusine form. Whoever can snatch the key from them and insert it into the lock in their chest will make them fully human. If it's a woman who does it, she could take the Melusine to be their lover. Men can take them to be their lovers as well, but it's much less common. Melusine royalty are noted to be more powerful in their magic, and they are set apart from the commoners by having two tails in place of just one. Because Rose is Melusine royalty, she is more powerful than most other Melusine. Because of this, she is called an Avalon Melusine.
♥Dreamer physical traits:: Rose, in her Melusine form, has two striped serpents' tails, bright sugar-pink hair, misty silvery-pink eyes, a translucent torso (so you could see her skeleton inside), an ornate golden lock in her chest, sharp teeth on the roof and bottom of her mouth, a thin striped tongue, and a snake-like voice.
♥Dreamer powers:: Glamour, the Sight, sensing if other people are Dreamers, bewitchment, controlling water, general magic spells, breathing underwater, enhanced senses, reversing spells, dream manipulation (oneirokinesis), superhuman agility, superhuman speed.
♥their own unique power:: Apportation — the ability to materalise, teleport, and make any object disappear.
♥attack:: 1/5.
♥speed:: 3.5/5.
♥special:: 4/5.
♥will:: 3/5.
♥Dreamer weaknesses:: Cold iron and being without her Golden Key (without it she is a virtually powerless human girl).
♥gender:: Female (♀).
♥age:: 15.
♥sexuality:: Heterosexual.
♥class:: Pink Princess — Pink Princesses are meant to look after others, not just themselves. They must learn that not everything is about them. Their challenge is to learn that other people need help as well.
♥spirit animal:: Northern water snake.
♥element:: Water.
♥plush familiar:: A plush "female" water snake named Belinda. Like with all young Dreamers and their familiars (who are all stuffed animals), Belinda and Rose communicate telepathically. Belinda provides comfort for Rose and helps her with her powers.
♥weapon/trinkets:: Her Golden Key, which is an ornate gold key with swirling designs. However, she is currently bereft of it.
♥fighting style:: Rose would rather have the men fight for her, but she will fight if she needs to. She prefers to fight long-range, but is quick on her feet and will use her heels as a weapon if the need is dire enough. She's pretty good at it. She doesn't know any martial arts or anything.
♥birthday:: 9 April.
♥star sign:: Aries (Fire) (♈).
♥blood type:: O Positive.
♥ethnic heritage:: 100% Irish.
♥originally from:: Well, she claims to be from Lisburn, Northern Ireland… but she's actually from the River Newry, in Northern Ireland.
♥lingual skills:: Fluent in the Melusine language, French, and English.
♥year/grade:: Year 10 (Sophomore).
♥favourite subject:: English 10 (The Individual versus Society), Creative Writing, Drama II (Shakespearean Theatre).
♥extracurriculars:: Is the president and founder of the Paranormal Research Club, joins school musicals, and is part of the theatre programme at Full Moon Bay's Art & Soul Studio.
♥GPA:: 3.58.
♥social circle:: Considered part of the "Masquers" (popular drama kids), very popular, has her own clique called the "Drama Queens," is the "Drama Queen Bee."
♥height:: Short, 147cm/4'10" (goes up to be 152cm/5'0").
♥body shape/figure:: Ruler-shaped skinny figure, with long, skinny legs and a light frame.
♥hair colour:: Light "red-gold" strawberry-blond, looks almost pink in some lights.
♥eye colour:: Pale mist-grey with some pink in it.
♥skin colour:: Cool pink skin, pale ivory with freckles.
♥physical appearance:: Rose is considered to be very beautiful in a romantic, faery-tale princess kind of way. She is short with a skinny, sylphlike figure and has long legs for her height; her bra size starts out as being 30B but goes up to being 32B. She has large, round eyes with long, light lashes, but she often wears false lashes. She has soft features set in an oblong-shaped face. Her hair is long, and naturally straight, but she often curls it, and has a centre-part in her hair; her hair is cut to frame her face and body. Her hair and skin are soft, especially since she keeps them in good condition. She is a size 4 in shoes and has large elfin ears. She is said to have a brilliant, dazzling smile that shows off super-white, even teeth. Her smile easily charms people, and she has an open, knowing gaze. She has small, childlike hands with short, slender fingers, and often wears acrylic nails. A lot of boys in school have a crush on her.
♥accessories & traits:: She has one piercing in each ear, and wears contacts during the day but glasses during the night. She has a birthmark of a water droplet on her right cheek.
♥dominant hand:: Right.
♥personal fashion:: Rose has a very uptown princess kind of style, very closely related to the Japanese "Hime Gal" style. She often wears a lot of high-end brands. A typical casual outfit for her would be a white lace tunic, darkwash designer skinny jeans with a diamond button and a pearl sash, high heeled mules with glitzy pompoms on the toes, a champagne-pink faux-feather jacket, a pearl necklace, diamond icicle earrings, a pearl/rose hair comb, acrylic nails caked in glitter and rhinestones, and sparkly makeup complete with facial glitter, shimmery pink lipstick, and false lashes. Her school style is the same: white school blouse, black tie worn in a bow, school skirt hemmed short with a gold chain, black school blazer, sparkly makeup, pearl alice band with a white faux-rose, rhinestone heart earrings, immaculate white tights, high-heeled saddle shoes, and sometimes a white cashmere turtleneck. She wears her blue rose ring with every outfit.
♥voice & vernacular:: She has a clear, bell-like soprano voice like a Disney Princess. She speaks with a subtle Northern Irish accent.
♥personality type:: ENFP — "Spontaneous Idealist."
♥general personality:: Rose is a bubbly extrovert who has a sparkling, energetic zest for life that ingratiates her to even the stodgiest of people. She is a real go-getter and is well-liked by students and teachers alike, but she has a compulsive need to outshine others. Despite that, she means well… Her upbringing as a princess factors into her personality where she can be very vain and self-absorbed and snobby and spoiled. Basically, she's a diva. She is flirty, which flusters boys, but she stays loyal and true to the one she loves. She is a hopeless romantic and believes in true faery-tale love… she also believes she may be living it. A cheerful, friendly, and caring person, Rose is willing to make friends with anybody. She is short-tempered and can easily throw a tantrum if her (sometimes outrageous) beliefs are being criticised, but she cools down as quickly as she heats up. She also openly tells embarrassing secrets about others, which she seems to be unaware of… Even so, Rose is clever and can easily get information out of people through blackmail — she knows the best dirt on people and uses it to her advantage, not to mention she can see through people's ruses. That all being said, she is kind of a drama queen and exaggerates information — either about herself or others. But when she loves, she loves a lot, and would do anything for those she cares about.
♥best qualities:: Responsible, warm-hearted, caring, friendly, cheerful, go-getter, hard to be uncomfortable around her.
♥worst traits:: Snobby, vain, spoiled, ignorant, drama queen, self-absorbed, overly prideful.
♥likes:: Cheap romance novels, Pre-Raphaelite art, paranormal research, musical theatre, high-end fashion, animal rights, period dramas, faery-tales, Disney Princesses, historical royalty, creative writing, period costumes.
♥favourite music:: 60's British Invasion, bubblegum pop, glam rock, folk rock, Celtic folk, Neo-Maedieval: The Who, David Bowie, The Beatles, Elton John, Gerry & The Pacemakers, Blackmore's Night.
favourite hang-out spots:: Her room, her back porch, her living room, the study, The Daily Grind (coffee shoppe), Alice's Tea Cup (café), The Drowsy Poet (bookstore), Full Moon Avenue, Spooky Park, Pumpkin Park, Willet's Beach, and the woods by Sunset Park. At school she likes to hang out in the auditorium, the choral room, the student lounges, by Old Timey's (mom-and-pop general store) even though she doesn't smoke, Pizzazz (pizza restaurant by Old Timey's), the school café, the school outside terrace, the gardens, the school courtyard, and the woods in Lloyd's Preserve.
favourite hot drink:: White Mocha.
♥dislikes:: Animal cruelty, cruelty in general, girls who are "jealous of her," organised religion.
♥fear(s):: Never seeing her love again, never getting her Key back, dying alone.
♥goals & hobbies:: Her main goals are getting her love/Key back, bringing an end to the Ash Lady's torment, and becoming a musical actress. Her hobbies include reading romance novels, paranormal research, writing faery-tale fiction, watching historical dramas, acting/singing in musicals, practising her magic, trying on new makeup/outfit ideas, and hanging out with her friends.
♥good at:: Aside from her powers, Rose is good at acting and blackmail. She is good at getting information out of people and seeing through people's ruses.
♥vices:: She stays the hell away from cigarettes and drugs, but she likes alcohol and drinks with her friends/at parties every so often. Her favourite kind of alcohol is honey meade. She has an interest in sex, but decided to wait until it's the right time with her love.
♥psychological peculiarities:: None really, she's actually pretty mentally stable. Of course, there is the heartache of losing her home, love, and Golden Key that has rendered her a virtually powerless and homeless human girl, but Rose is strong even though she gets depressed a lot. Even so, she feels it'll turn out well in the end.
♥mannerisms/quirks:: Turns her nose up, sits with one leg crossed over the other, tosses her hair, flutters her lashes, kisses foreheads when flirting, examines fingernails, puckers lips in thoughts, and other such things.
♥personal vocabulary:: She curses occasionally, but tries not to. Her vocabulary isn't very good, but she is still quite eloquent even if her descriptions could be very… flowery. She says "bitchin'" a lot to emphasise something — for example "bitchin' good." She calls people "dear" and uses "huzzah!" as a cheer. She uses the word "mundane" for something/somebody she considers beneath her and uses the word "wench" excessively… usually to describe herself or her friends.
♥personal items:: Mobile phone (which is glitzed up), keys, wallet, pink Gucci makeup bag, hair brush, pink compact mirror with gold rose design, a bit of opalite, Altoids, a pack of pink tissues, totem pebble of a hawk.
♥preferred diet:: Frosted cake and iced coffee.
♥religion/spirituality:: She is more spiritual than religious, but dabbles in Wicca sometimes.
♥dream:: To become a musical actress or fashion designer.
♥family:: Moira Connelly (adoptive mother).
Joseph Connelly (adoptive father).
Queen Caoillain (biological mother).
Lady Éibhlín (biological mother).
Princess Eirwen ("Snow") (biological twin sister; enemy).
Rose hates her identical twin Snow, whom she hasn't seen in three years. She has a good relationship with her adoptive parents, but they spoil her a bit too much…
♥friends:: Maria Rodriguez (best friend).
Cerise D'Amour (best friend).
Margeurite Beaux (best friend).
Regina D'Angelo (best friend).
Renée Lafaille (best friend).
Agnes Clarke (best friend).
Eliza Campbell (best friend).
Lain Tachibana.
Morgana Lockheart.
The first seven girls are Rose's best friends and part of her clique, which she is the leader of. She even started the trend of wearing fake rose hair clips at school (in her clique). The last two girls are part of her Paranormal Research Club, but Morgana is more of a frenemy than anything.
♥enemies/rivals:: Princess Eirwen ("Snow").
Pax de Croft (school rival).
Pax and Rose often compete for who is the better Masquer. However, the rivalry is more friendly, even though it can turn vicious.
♥love interests:: Ethan Wilson (long-lost love).
Rose and Ethan were good friends before they fell in love. However, he is currently under a cursed sleep and nobody knows where he is. Rose is currently on the search for him, sensing he might be in the general Maine area.
♥theme songs:: "Queen for a Day" by Blackmore's Night.
"Don't Let the Sun Catch You Crying" by Gerry & The Pacemakers.
"All By Myself" by Eric Carmen.

Again, please tell me what you think!!

Anyway, I'm going to wrap up for now. See ya!!


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