Feb. 9th, 2012 12:57 am
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I started a new journal. I had another one, but I haven't updated it in over a year, so I decided to delete it and start fresh. Here I'm going to be posting character sheets and profiles for a project I'm working on. C:

This project I'm really excited about. I've been working on it since November 2007! It was inspired by a song; when I first heard this song all these concept images came flooding in my mind! The song in question is a secret. I'm just going to refer to my project as "MDC" in this journal. It's a dark/urban fantasy. Hopefully within the next two years I'm finally going to have it up online as a "webcomic" of sorts. I only put quotes around it because I don't know what else to call it, but it won't be your conventional webcomic. Because it's going to be a fictional art journal. Meaning it's going to be half text with illustrations, and half comic. I thought I could try something different, is all.

Synopsis of MDC if you're interested C: )

Sorry if it doesn't make sense :C

Anyways, I'm supposed to be going to bed but I've been too energetic to go to sleep. I have to be up in a few hours anyway because I have to take my medication at 4:30AM. I take Geodon. It makes me think of the Pokémon Geodude.

OK well, I'll write some other time. I have to go to sleep.


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