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May. 29th, 2014 11:48 am
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… I think I officially have a soda addiction.

You know those "book by you" sites where you could be the hero of your own romance story and whatnot? Well… I got one. It's called "Sea Spell" and I made it about Vika and Kyrill. I love it! It gave me so many ideas, and the characters in the book are almost exactly how Vika and Kyrill would act. Plus the book itself is better than I thought it was going to be. I definitely recommend getting one of those books — you won't be disappointed! I personally stayed away from the vampire one, though (I think it's called First Bite), I'm not big into vampires; I think they're grotesquely overrated (not to sound like a pretentious blowhard hahaha).

Other than that, I'm really getting into this one band Counterparts. At first I thought they were generic metalcore what with the constant screaming, but now I think they're really good! I just got into them, but I already love almost every song I heard by them. Also, Coheed and Cambria is really good too. My favourite album by Coheed and Cambria is "Year of the Black Rainbow" and my favourite songs by Counterparts are "Cursed", "Decay", "Wither", "Compass", and "Debris."

Anyway, so I've been doing a lot of writing lately, as well as well as planning out the art for the story of MDC. I actually want to get the story up soon, as a webcomic! :D I have all the materials for it, I just need to draw draw draw…

So next up on the character roster: Rose!

(WARNING: spoilers and all that)

Rose Connelly: Uptown Princess )
Again, please tell me what you think!!

Anyway, I'm going to wrap up for now. See ya!!


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