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 I'm not abandoning this blog I swear!! I'm still going to post in here of course, I'm doing this to get critique on my art and characters while talking about my story and science and about the inane things in my personal life. I will have a lot to talk about this entry! Mostly I'm going to be explaining the Waking World and Dreaming World and the faerie species and their conventions. 

The "Waking World" by simple definition is the world as we know it -- the human world. Certain magical species (not faeries for most of the time) can reside in the Waking World inconspicuously, such as lycanthropes and vampires. The reason for this is because they gain sustenance from the Waking World, small animals and humans respectively. Lycanthropes find it more difficult not to be seen by any humans but they mostly dwell in the wilderness or whatever is closest to the wilderness in their area. Vampires however can pass off as a human who happens to be working the night shift. There are other species that can disguise themselves and live among the humans in the Waking World. For the most part, humans are completely and totally oblivious to the Dreaming World and inhabitants. 

The "Dreaming World" is the metaphysical plane of existence where all kinds of different fantastical creatures reside from faeries to talking scarecrows and a vast array of monsters and beasts. It's a very nonsensical world that isn't so strongly bound to the laws of physics as is the Waking World. To put it simply, the Dreaming World is the kind of abstract place that your brain conjures up when you're dreaming. It isn't another world entirely, when you enter the Dreaming World it's not as if you were suddenly transported to Fantasia or something. You're in the same place as you were before, it's just that the way everything looks and works is quite different, if that makes any sense. I suppose I'll express it better in the actual story. The creatures in the Dreaming World are mainly unseen, so they're capable of haunting buildings even without the notice of humans. 

I feel like I can write more about the Dreaming World, but you're going to have to find out more in the story. C: (Spoilers: I haven't figured out much so I'll be kind of making it up as I go along.) 

Now on to the faeries which I guess is the focal interest for this entry! For a supposedly carefree type of being, they actually live by a lot of rules. "Faerie" is actually a rather broad term with a lot of subcategories (mermaids, bean-sidhe, pixies, elves, etc), but they're elementals that are generally tied to nature and have a weakness to iron. They originated from babies' laughter many many years ago.

 There are three kinds of far; Seelie, Unseelie, and the Solitary fae. The Seelie and Unseelie faeries have opposing ideals, to say the least.

The general rules are; during the day and the night, you must be glamoured if you're going to be in the Waking World. Only dusk and dawn is when you can be unglamoured in the Waking World. When you enter the Dreaming World, your glamour is automatically taken off. Also, those with the Sight can see through your glamour in peripheral view, but humans without the Sight have reported to have seen strange things also. 

Seelie faeries are governed by the day and the sun, thus they are most prevalent during the day time and dwell above ground and in the sky. Their assigned elements are air and fire. Seelie faeries are aligned with the Seelie Court, which is ruled by Seelie Kings. 

The Unseelie faeries are governed by the night and the moon, so they are most commonly seen through the nighttime and dwell underground and in swamps and forests. Their assigned elements are earth and water. Unseelie faeries are aligned with the Unseelie Court, which is ruled by Unseelie Queens.

Solitary faeries don't have any particular loyalty to any of the Courts, they are the most carefree and possibly the biggest category of fae. 

There's a whole lot more information, this is just a basic layout, but I don't want to give anything more away. If there are any strange kinks in my explanation please tell me! 

OK well, I have to get back to bed, I'm going to continue fixing up the Rose sketches later before I continue James' sketches. I'm also almost finished with James' profile. Yes!!

Good night. 


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